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About Us

Pictures of our dogs

  • We believe in being more friendly to your wallet
  • We believe that style and function can be best friends
  • We believe that everyone deserves coordinated organization
  • We believe that Zen can exist in your handbag
  • We believe that life's too short to sweat the small stuff
  • We believe in being kind to the earth and it's creatures
  • We believe in gratitude
  • We believe in karma
  • We believe in fun
- namaste

Those cute little guys are the animal friends of Namaste. Since Namaste Inc. is a family owned and operated company, we get to make the rules, and our pets are welcome at our work place. Actually, they are essential.

The littlest one is Dawn's dog, Lola, and she is the cutest 2.5 lbs. there is. Lola keeps Dawn company on those all too often long nights at the computer balancing budgets, writing purchase orders, and paying the bills. Dawn's passion is designing, and she loves it so much she often does it in her sleep! That's talent.

The two sitting nicely and the handsome parrot are Kelly and Clint's babies, Jack, Annie & Paco. Since Jack is the biggest of the bunch, he is the guard dog and he uses all 22 lbs. and a ferocious bark to keep the warehouse secure while Clint is busy taking product photos or working his regular job as a camera operator. Paco gets into lots of trouble every day, wandering around the office and warehouse trying to find a dog he can sleep on or some shelves to climb. Annie is the eldest at 7 years old. Her job is to stay cute and sleep on Kelly's lap while she tends to all of our customers needs. Kelly's positive outlook on life and business, more than make up for her "less than tidy" organizational habits. She keeps the office in good spirits.

The last one belongs to Toni (also known as "Mama Toni" because she is our mom), and his name is Cowboy. You can always find him right at Toni's feet while she belts out another Cher song at the top of her lungs. As long as Mama Toni is there you can count on the warehouse being clean and organized and your products arriving on time and in perfect condition. She runs a tight ship.

Our offices and warehouse are located in our hometown of Los Angeles, California. We pride ourselves in providing customer service that is prompt, personal, and friendly, while offering products and accessories that are hip, innovative, and fashion-forward. We hope you enjoy Namaste's products as much as we enjoy creating them.

Clint, Kelly, Dawn, and Mama Toni